October 09, 2021

The government–deployed academic committee for scrutiny of research work quality has raised a severe concern about the research quality of Indian educational institutions. P. Balram, the former director of IISC Bangalore, has headed the panel and highlighted duplicate and data forgery in research work. The committee has alarmed that such increased plagiarism in academic institutions is a threat to their reliability.

The committee has also concluded there is a shortage of certified workforce resources for research guidance and a flawed system. The panel has now recommended enhancing the research quality in India, including evaluating existing observances in faculty member recruitment, offering seed approval for new faculty, and assessing the system that assists in vice-chancellors appointments. It is suggested that improving research mechanisms need qualified and efficient PhD/MPhil holders for faculty.

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Meanwhile, the committee has recommended some steps to changeover the research mechanism in India and eliminates the usage of plagiarism:-

Seed Approval for New Faculty Appointment:

The committee has stated to the University Grants Commission (UGC) to speed approvals for a new proposal that will offer seed approval appointment of faculty in colleges, universities based on entrance or competitive tests.

Academic Leadership and Appointment of Vice-Chancellors:

“The Ministry of Human Resource and Development/ UGC and state government mandatorily need to evaluate rigorously appointment system of vice-chancellors” as per submitted report by the panel. It further adds that qualified and certified educationist leadership and mentors are compulsory for perking up research quality, the mechanism that includes the efficiency of PhD/MPhil degrees.

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Time Off Leaves:

The committee wishes UGC to motivate and helps state universities and recognized colleges organize thorough but openhanded events that promote time off leaves to mid-level mentors for performing writing books, research, thesis and epilogue that conclude original and fresh research knowledge. The panel has suggested delivering 50-100 faculty members for such time-off annual leave.

Travel Permission for Students and Faculty:

The panel has stated that there should be rigorous amplification grants for travel PhD scholars/faculty members to hand over their research assignments in authorized and global seminars and events. Presently there are confined international travel grants for social study, science and humanities.

Wrap up:

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