October 27, 2020

Most of you are already aware of plagiarism that is an unethical activity mostly done by the school or college students. However, now it is seen that professional writers are also doing the same activity. You must know that an original writer or author can sue you in the court if he found that his work is getting used by you without taking his permission and also without mentioning the credit to him.

Also, if you are in school or college and the teacher found you submitting duplicate or copy work, then you can be rusticated from the school, and your career maybe ruined. If you do this on your job, your employer can dismiss you from the job or even ruin your career. You must know that there are Free Hindi Plagiarism Checker tools and also in other languages where you can check the duplicate work and correct it to prevent such trouble.

Coming to the legal consequences point, yes, you may fall into a legal matter as the opposite person can file a case against you. It depends on the nature of plagiarism that you did and the person whose work you copied.

The most common way that plagiarism can bring you in trouble is copyright infringement. When someone has a copyright on any research paper, project, assignment, or website, or anything, then you must not take a chance of copying his ideas, words, or anything that can bring you trouble.

Copyright is a right that is granted to the original creator of an original work. When you copy someone’s work, then you violate these rights, and you deserve the punishment according to laws.

However, if you go a little deeper, then you will get to know that not all plagiarism is copyright infringement. Many websites provide pictures, content, videos, ideas, or details that are out of copyright and free to use for the public.

When you copy a short paragraph in your work without citations or attribution then it is a form of plagiarism, but not a copyright infringement thing.

It is recommended to use CheckForPlag – a Plagiarism Checker Hindi tool that can help you in writing high-quality content and that too plagiarism free. You must respect the hard work that one has made to write or doing that original work. One should never use copied content and present it to others as its own.