February 10, 2018

Plagiarism means copy from anyone else and take its credit.

An author or writer work heard to write a unique content but others copy it and use as their own and not even not mention the source of content. This way cannot define as an Art.

In this way plagiarism is not treated as an Art.

According to research, When any teacher give assignment to students for research work. Then more than 80% student do plagiarism. It is increasing day by day and but it became a part of our society.

And people take it lightly by saying that it’s not harmful if we copy anyone's work as it’s done for a non-profitable intention. But in reality it is treated as plagiarism because it is harmful for author's career. So its defined as threat By Stealing the ideas, work and creativities no one can steel the originality.

The plagiarized contents not only spoil the career of original content writer but also the career of the one who do it.

It’s good to write the original writer name of the content otherwise no followers will be to inspired by him as they use copy paste work without citing him even at a single place.

Such copy paste work never bring online traffic. The Traffic and popularity can be only gained with original, new and creative work. Only originality of new idea, thoughts and opinions can be useful.

These types of online plagiarism must be confronted to make the Plagrist realize that duplicating anyone's thoughts and ideas is really not a good task.

This can be helpful for creative writer to get rid of plagiarism threats.