February 13, 2018

It is true when any information widespread then everyone from world can access the information easily. This is convenience for everyone but it brings great inconveniences with it. In this Plagiarism is one of the biggest issues. Because people are worse to copy the information and spread it by showing it as their own. In this way when anyone search any information then same information is always at different sources. If anyone is copy paste the information by making little changes in the information according to their own knowledge and spread it over the internet .It can harm someone so much that the information is related to any medical condition. So its very important to ensure about the information and its even more important to add the reference of source from where the information is picked up. So it be able to do research about the reliability of the source. So that if anyone who read the information and before implementing the facts mentioned in the information anybody can check the original source and find out the source the reliability of source and can’t follow blindly.

There are so many effects of technology on plagiarism that can be considered in the information taken from online sources and information used by most of the people.

But when the source of the information is not provided then the reader can treat you as the actual writer of information provided by you. Because of this they can use it for a sensitive situation like a medical condition or for any type of research and development.

These types of things can be usually students who just do plagiarism without thinking about its side effect and even don’t mention the source of information to be popular. They even don’t care about the acceptability and reliability of information

So it’s very important to know the facts of plagiarism that up to which level the plagiarism will be tolerated in any field. As it is a crime so awareness should be there. Because technology is to be used for wellness not for destruction.