January 02, 2018

Stealers on internet always ready to copy some content from another source and show it off as their own.It has become quite common these days. People spends a lot on website to make it professional so that business can be get but the stealer don’t understand these things and always do it. But there are nice and easy ways to deal with such circumstances and especially these types of people.

Few things can be done for prevention.

Copyright: - The website’s content you should have it. Because content of website is not limited to text only as it includes the images, videos, animations and any form of content. So making it copyright is best way to prevent the plagiarism

Website owner always to keep updating online content. It keeps them higher in the rankings. Keep some fixed content on your website that can’t be changed.The Safety of the Original Content of Your Website is in Danger until you are 100% sure that your content is safe against plagiarism.

When protecting the content with the help of software is like managing your content.This plagiarism detection software allows you to enter content in a specified box or place and then show you a list of URLs or pages or pieces of content that have copied your original content. Most of the software provides plagiarism based on the links registered with Google, Yahoo and Bing or Live.You could feel proud that your content is valuable and unique enough that people felt the need of copying it. Contacting the website owner or administrators about the issue but you have not been welcomed, it is time to take some action. Get your records together to prove to anyone that your content is the original content and it was on your website before it was put on the copying website.