December 05, 2017

The frauds of academic are increasing day by day. The most commonly adopted is Plagiarism which is done mostly in academic assignments, theses and on research papers. According to research on this issue, it is clear that plagiarism is most common and increasing day by day especially in undergraduate students.But these days University level students are also involved in this punishable act.

Plagiarism means using someone else’s content in one’s own name is a serious crime these days and because of this one’s academic career can certainly go on stakes.

This act is common in the professional lines. Plagiarism is the crime that is committed by most of the students presently. Almost 70 -75% of the undergraduate and university students commit this kind of cheating. On the other hand the internet also plays an important role in plagiarism.It has become the major concern at present.

The acts of internet plagiarism are growing so much day by day .This problem has been spread among as much as 1.5 million more students all over the world.

The Most common plagiarism is found to be observed in the theses, research papers, books and assignments. As the act of plagiarism is so much dangerous for the academic and scholarly enterprise.The academic position of a student can be easily evaluated by his or her writing. It is required to discourage and eliminate plagiarism at all the levels of academia.