June 16, 2022

    The first wave of the COVID-19 outbreak swept in early 2020 in India, and higher education colleges and schools had to shut down as learning shifted into the online era. As an outcome, the education landscape in the country shifted drastically with remote learning, centered on digital channels and becoming the new norm.

    While digital evolution is encouraging, new challenges might need to adapt thinking and a more creative method. In the online learning case, maintaining academic transparency becomes a huge problem in protecting the reputation of educational schools and the accountability of online examinations and assessments.

    In an online learning atmosphere, educators cannot supervise students as it is done in a setting of physical class. It has led to academic misconduct, as plagiarism issues are affecting academic transparency. Also, plagiarism is more than just about pasting and copying chunks of text from other resources.

    Plagiarism challenges confronting educators

    While there are different kinds of plagiarism that take place in some or other way, the best ones that educators might encounter are:

    Contract cheating

    Students who interact with an external party without any money in exchange for finishing their coursework it is submitted to her or their own.

    Text manipulation

    Replacing spaces with invisible white text, swapping alphabets and characters, well-designed to provide the best plagiarism techniques and to insert pictures.

    Source code plagiarism

    To copy another individual code without claiming and attributing it to the owner is named programming plagiarism.


    Student submission published and reuse parts in a new writing assignment.

    Student collusion

    Students must connect with each other to finish assignments that are meant for submission and assessment of individuals.

    Addressing the Challenge with technology

  • As there are higher stakes for learning schools in India to grow, students must get learning outcomes to meet their needs of graduation. So, this has become necessary for educators to adopt the best measures and uphold the academic performance at their schools, for students to carry out on their merit, and to protect the reputation of the institution.
  • As advanced technology is transforming the picture of education, there are different highly safe and viewer-friendly techniques available for educators to promote behavior responsibly. To deal with plagiarism, be it exams, coursework, or assessments and submissions, educators will take benefit of state-of-the-art plagiarism checker India will aid in knowing the code plagiarism in programming, content similarities, originality of student's work, and manipulation of text.
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  • Beyond curbing academic malpractice, there is a need to check methods that aid educators help students to gain confidence and follow the correct path in their capability to generate original work. This will be a stepping stone to create young people to accept the importance of practicing integrity throughout their academic performance and have to lay the foundations of their careers.