January 29, 2022

    Exposure to digital content and e-books aims at improving the future of students. It gives them unlimited access to knowledge and information. For academic excellence, this digital content has contributed a lot. But everything has a negative side too. Let’s analyse the usage and effects of digital content.

    Before going deeper into this topic do you know what is copyright and plagiarism? There are detrimental consequences of infringement of copyright and plagiarism. Earlier it was not easy to identify a plagiarist. But technology is there to fight will odds. A plagiarised work is identified with the help of a plagiarism checker. It is software that identifies the work that is not original. Copyright means possession. A creation is prompted with the seal copyright. No one can steal or create the same. If it’s done it’s a punishable offence and the creator can move to court to punish the plagiarist. It is no less than an act of theft.

    In the academic field teachers and lecturers are vested with the duty of assigning and checking tasks. Often they find less creativity in students works. Sometimes they understand that the work completed by the student is extraordinary but the student is an underperformer in school. They can understand what might have happened. But lack of solid proof bars them from punishing the students. The story doesn’t end here. It is a problem at the grassroots level. These students with less knowledge are drawing flying colours and getting scope based on the same. But ultimately they are failing to perform in the professional field. Hence copying content to fetch marks doesn’t make sense. It’s advisable to take an idea and add creativity to stick to originality.

    This problem is more prevalent in higher studies. This and research is done to explore unknown facts and enlighten society. Every research has a unique weight. Research should be done with a pure mind. It’s a noble act. It’s a chance to explore the unknown. Unfortunately, people are taking unfair means to prepare a thesis or research paper. To discourage such activities educational institutions have started adopting the best plagiarism checker software.

    This is an easy way to find out how much plagiarised work is. Some institutions have installed the best anti-plagiarism software to curb the growing use of existing content. Students should understand existing content is for drawing ideas. More time and effort should be invested to create new things. A thesis or research is not only a piece of paperwork to score well. It adds value to our intellect. It’s a resource of knowledge. Those who have the thirst for new facts must take up research work and give first-hand information to our generation.

    The prevailing situation has left no other choice but to pick up the best plagiarism software to eliminate the work that lacks originality.

    CFP anti-plagiarism software is a powerful technical tool with multiple features. It supports multiple file formats. Unlike other random software, this software doesn’t store any data. It is safe and effective hence preferred by leading institutions.