January 30, 2018

Plagiarism is increasing these days and it’s become popular and different kinds of people involved in it as nobody believe in doing work hard these days everyone is sticking to copy paste.

Students are plagiarizing other student’s work. Writer is copying other writer's work and showing it as his work.

These kinds of people not only loose his career but also their thinking abilities also get reduced.

But there are so many plagiarists that don’t take this thing seriously and himself spoil the career. But its fact plagiarism is non acceptable as stealing is non acceptable.

Plagiarism means copying someone’s thoughts, ideas, researches and writings and showing it as own. People don’t be careful while copying paste they dont even do research but directly do this crime and then got caught by search engines when they publish their work.

Only 10-15% plagiarised content is acceptable but plagiarism is non acceptable.

There are different laws for the different countries for plagiarism . Its good for those people who write the contents by hard work to keep the originality of work .

The copied content is non acceptable in many countries

But there are so many people who disagree with this. They say it’s not bad to copy but some argue that plagiarism as this is bad thing like stealing something and should never be acceptable.

To catch the people who usually do this kind of unethical things. The softwares are designed . The software helps to catch the real plagiarists and keep your work original.