July 16, 2018

Act of plagiarism is very severe issue. It is growing day by day. There are more plagiarists than true writers in the globe. But all people don’t do the act of plagiarism intentionally. Under the category of Plagiarism students also there. There are so many reasons behind plagiarize.

Some people even don’t know the meaning of plagiarism and they do plagiarize unintentionally because of unawareness about the plagiarism. But some people intentionally do it to make their work easy. The people who just try to impress the boss/ teacher by showing the work usually do this type of unethical acts.

Students are also becoming plagiarist these days. Due to lack of time they won’t be able to prepare the assignments/ projects by own. So they use different sources like internet and other’s assignments/projects and copy the contents from there and use it in their work and submit it without even citing the source of contents.

People usually take the plagiarism problem lightly so they usually do it intentionally even after knowing the consequences. They also think that the real writer of the content will not take any action for this, So without any fear they keep doing this kind of conduct.

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