January 04, 2018

Plagiarism is stealing someone else’s ideas and thoughts and not giving him or her credit in form of acknowledgment. Any kind of plagiarism is not tolerated. There are different online sources of plagiarism check available to detect any kind of copying within minutes.

In case of article content the plagiarism problem is crucial as articles posted on internet on different websites and blogs for marketing. If there is any plagiarism in the articles, the post on the website not shown properly. That’s why original and genuine content is always favored for article. The more dangerous and criminal thing is the one in which there is no acknowledgment of the source.

Different websites adopted different ways to detect and avoid plagiarism. Usually websites offer content that do not have steps to prevent their content from being copied. These are mostly the original research articles and are meant to provide the original and first hand ideas. The sources of the articles are also reliable and verifiable and when the articles used by other writers and are not properly cited then for that it becomes to take the action in the category of plagiarism. So before posting any article to any website, it is very important to check and verify its resources.

Plagiarism is commonly faced by the people who use Wikipedia as they can easily pick the content form the website and use it without any scrutiny and when the same content is posted on any other website then the writer face problem. So it is highly desirable that the writers must try to remove the plagiarism as much as possible so that it don’t get rejected for posting because of plagiarism as this is not good for the repute of the writer. So to improve the credibility of a website, it is very important to develop and maintain a proper system of check and balance on writings.