October 29, 2020

Plagiarism is basically reusing someone’s work, ideas, results, or words without giving credit to the original writer and source. Today, plagiarism is a very testing issue in the field of education and journalism/ print media. Different tools are used for detecting proximity between two texts in English. Similarly, this process called semantic is used between different Marathi terms for Plagiarism checker in Marathi language. Currently, there are only a few Plagiarism Checker in Marathi. CFP (CheckForPlag) is one such anti-plagiarism Checker software. It is one of the tools which are used as a plagiarism checker in the Marathi language. Developed countries like the US have active and strict guidelines against Plagiarism. They use efficient tools to detect and maintain the authenticity of the text and content.

There are basically two methods used for keeping a check on plagiarism. They are called Extrinsic and Intrinsic plagiarism detection methods. The basic difference between the two methods is that in Extrinsic all the reference documents are analyzed whereas in the Intrinsic method only the reference document belonging to the input document is analyzed without making comparisons to other external sources. Various types of Plagiarism are:


Incorporation of semantic in the detection of plagiarism for regional languages like Marathi is advantageous as texts and dialects in regional languages are blooming. There is a synset based method called Document synset matrix for Marathi (DSMM), a Document term matrix for Marathi (DTMM) used as Marathi Plagiarism Checker. This approach is carried out in a few steps. In the first step, a Marathi topic is chosen and then 2 Marathi linguistics submit their write-ups on it. The documents created are called D1 and D2. In the next step, two other Marathi linguistics are chosen and are required to rephrase the write ups and further generating 2 documents called D3 and D4. Then in next step all those documents I.e. D1,D2,D3,D4 are compared using DTMM & DSMM. Finally, certain tools are used to compare documents translated into English, and hence the similarities between them are detected. These tools give similarity in the form of a percentage. Lastly, the results obtained using tools, DTMM &DSMM are compared.

Marathi is the mother tongue of Maharashtra and Goa. There are more than 20 dialects of Marathi texts, literature, and scripts. Despite this, there is a void in the development of plagiarism Checker for Marathi. Therefore a Marathi plagiarism checker is a must. Marathi plagiarism Checker software ensures originality and proper quality check of regional texts. We need to develop more tools that can be used as a plagiarism Checker in the Marathi language. Plagiarism is a serious issue and hence needs to be tackled. The development of efficient anti plagiarism tools is a prerequisite. There should be strict guidelines for ensuring quality and putting an end to plagiarism.

CFP(CheckForPlag) is an anti-plagiarism software used to maintain the quality and authenticity of text predominantly in the field of academics and research. It is made in India software. It has various salient features like under coverage; enhance security, cost effectiveness, multiple file format, robust technology, and many more. It is a user friendly hence easy to learn and use software. It also offers prepaid packages and individual solutions as per requirement. It is the most authentic software used globally in schools/colleges/universities and in research arenas. Maintaining the quality and authenticity of the texts is foremost.

Using software like CFP the authenticity and reliability are ensured. One can use this software to check plagiarism in the Marathi language as there are only a few tools in the market, and not every tool is reliable. It takes only a few minutes to check for duplicity in CFP so; you don’t need to spend much time in that. So, if you are looking for a Marathi plagiarism checker, go for CFP without any doubt!