October 29, 2020

    Every new technology comes with its pros and cons. Plagiarism is stealing and reusing someone’s content without giving any credit to the original. But to tackle plagiarism our robust technology has developed anti plagiarism softwares. Vernacular languages have grown exponentially in the various formats like texts, scripts, literature and so on. There is a desperate need for tools for Plagiarism checker in Kannada language. The process of semantism is used between different Kannada terms serving as Plagiarism Checker for Kannada. Various tools like Copyscape convert texts in Kannada into documents which are translated into English and then they detect plagiarism. But to detect plagiarism directly from the regional Kannada text anti-plagiarism software called CFP (CheckForPlag) is used. Hence it is used as Kannada plagiarism Checker software. It is one of the best software and is highly user friendly.

    About Kannada Language

    Kannada is the regional language predominantly spoken in the state of Karnataka and also by minorities in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Telangana. The Mysore University Library has laid down certain plagiarism check service guidelines. The library uses URKUND plagiarism Checker software. The results are obtained in the form of percentages. These guidelines are to be followed by the research scholars and their supervisors. The entire thesis of their research work should be in PDF file or Word document. The soft copy of this has to be submitted to for plagiarism detection. Before the last date of submission plagiarism check service certificate has to be collected from the library. The anti plagiarism software URKUND is to be used by the research scholar and supervisor to ensure that the percentage of their contents do not exceed the limit of Plagiarism content else they will have to revise those contents. The tolerance limit is of 30 percent. There is no plagiarism Checker service for vernacular languages like Hindi, Kannada etc. as laid down by the guidelines.

    Solution to check plagiarism in Kannada

    CFP(CheckForPlag) is an anti-plagiarism software. It is a 100% Made in India product and highly user friendly. It is used globally in schools/institutions, cooperate sector, research centers and webpages. Hence it is a one stop solution for teachers, authors, publishers, students, bloggers and researchers. The various salient features of CFP are:

    1. It guarantees 100% safety against unauthorized access. It is a 100% legal anti plagiarism Checker software.
    2. It can detect plagiarism in any format like .pdf, .txt, .doc, .docx and obtain results in .pdf form.
    3. It is a one step solution for detecting plagiarism in regional languages like Hindi, Kannada, Marathi etc.
    4. It checks content written not only on English but also in Hindi. Hence Hindi thesis can be checked efficiently too.
    5. It also offers prepaid packages and individual solutions as per requirement of the user.

    CFP is an anti plagiarism software for plagiarism Checker in Kannada. Mostly all the tools like Copyscape developed for plagiarism first converts the texts into English and then detect plagiarism. But CFP directly detects the plagiarism written in any language. Hence it is used as a Kannada Plagiarism Checker. Using the advanced technology, we aim to develop more such Kannada plagiarism Checker software. There is an increased need to maintain the quality and authenticity of the content. To ensure total reliability and originality the need for such plagiarism Checker software increases in order to rule out any kind of copied duplicated content. People need to be aware of the consequences of plagiarism and the measures that can be applied to prevent this serious issue of Plagiarism.

    Use CheckForPlag online tool to check your document for Kannada plagiarism. It is the best software to check documents in Kannada language as there are only few documents that are providing this service in this language, and not all of them are reliable.