July 08, 2018

In today’s world ,the plagiarism problem is very common .it is wide spreading among not only students but professionals also like wild fire. Whether you are professional in any field you must be aware about the cons. of plagiarism problem. The problem is not limited to particular circumstances. But it is happening everywhere.

Even these days easy, articles or everything that you put online is easily copied by anyone else and use it as own without even citing the source. As internet is accessible by everyone to get important and valuable information in dept. but this benefit push the people to commit the crime like plagiarism.

They copy information from the online contents and use it as their own creativity to get applauds. As one side the problem of plagiarism is increasing on the other side developers are developing software’s to find out the solution to prevent the problem of plagiarism and to save the reputation and career. If you use the content of someone else as your own without citing the source of content ,then you are directly indirectly spoiling your reputation and career life.

If the content is checked and your truth got Revealed ,then your career will be on stake. So make sure before posting content online , properly cite the source of the content and also check it online to confirm the originality of the content to save to career life and image. Using checkforplag you can easily check your contents before submitting it. So that There is no chance of plagiarized content in your article or assignment and you can easily save your career and reputation.