January 16, 2018

Plagiarism is very popular these days. This is word to mouth. It’s very hot topic on internet. A lot of people are taking about it.

There are the most harmful effects of plagiarism also the ones that are not mentioned anywhere, Plagiarism kills the skills and it leaves bad and emotional effect on whole career life.

The unmentioned harmful effects of plagiarism are harmful to the people around you that can do plagiarism

The more you plagiarize, There will be need of making it abopsh original and fresh content on the internet.

When you plagiarize then you simply create hurdle in your career of being writer. So can’t introduce yourself as a writer.

You can’t be an inspiration because for this you need to write something on your own.

Being an artist, you will spoil your reputation when your plagiarism gets caught.

You can easily lose your job as a professional writer when your plagiarism is caught.

Even if you have the writing and creative skills, you will lose them by continuing to plagiarize others’ material.