June 21, 2021

When we create content, it should be unique and not copied from other resources. Depending on the content's usage, the consequences of copying can be severe like facing disciplinary action, suspension or even financial penalty. To avoid these consequences, one needs to always check their content by using plagiarism detection software before using it. Nowadays, many plagiarism detection software is available online with free usage up to certain words.

Some of the consequences depending on the individual role in each field is as follows:
  1. For students: each college/university has its own guidelines for plagiarism policy and everyone has to abide by it. In case the plagiarism is by accident, then the university may lower the grade of the subject. In case the plagiarism has occurred intentionally due to copy-paste and no citation is added, then the institute will fail the individual in the respective subject. If the college finds that the document is directly plagiarised, they may even expel. This will always appear in the academic record and have an adverse effect in the long run.

  2. For researchers: when there is any case of plagiarism on a researcher, it damages his reputation badly. It can result in the loss of position, grant prohibition and loss of funds. They may also get banned to submit any research paper for 5 years or more. Also, reputed journals won't publish their papers and investors won't provide any aid.

  3. For professionals: if any famous public figure is caught of plagiarism, it not only brings a bad name to them but also get their whole life’s work at risk. Professionals working in different industries can face strict consequences at work and even ruin their reputation with loss of job.
  4. Legal consequences: anybody can face legal consequences depending on the situation. In legal consequences, copyright infringement is most serious. If work is copyright protected and an individual uses that content without proper consent. It comes under plagiarism and gives the original creator right to sue which may lead to monetary punishment.

To get the most effective result of plagiarism, one needs to have best anti-plagiarism software. These are easily available online and premium version can be most effective in getting the plagiarism result. Some of the best anti-plagiarism software are as follows:

  1. Check For Plag
  2. Grammarly
  3. CopyScape
  4. ProWritingAid

With the evolvement of research journals and papers in the Indian education system, the need for anti-plagiarism software in India came up in demand. Based on the Indian colleges and universities, and paper publication from industries as well, a number of research documents and papers created in the region have raised a lot. Some of the widely used anti-plagiarism software in India in these fields is:

  1. Check For Plag
  2. PlagiarismCheckerX
  3. DrillbitPlagiarism

Both of these are considered as best plagiarism checkers in India. These have a database of web and publication content that is used for more precise results. Plagiarism checkers in India is slowly gaining more importance when it comes to papers published in national journals, as they have an exact reference.

To avoid plagiarism and its adverse effect in life, one should always be conscious about the resources used. Each source from where the information is taken should be given proper credit and cited perfectly so as to avoid plagiarism. Any line that is exactly copied should be inside quotations. It is also a good practice to provide the web link that is used in creating the document. Once the document is created, use a good plagiarism checker like Check For Plag to find the percentage of text plagiarised (if any), and all the citations are in the place.