July 08, 2018

Plagiarism means copying other’s work and using as your own without even citing the source of the contents. These days the plagiarism problem is common in all the fields. It is main threat for professionals like poetry writers, content writers, and literature writers. Because mostly people copy paste the contents of genuine writers and use as their own. In this way the whole contribution and hard work in writing goes waste. Even plagiarism is an unethical conduct. But people do it in their daily routine work without even taking care of being punished.

The issue is becoming headache for all. Some people even remain unaware about the issue and unaware about that their work is copy pasted by others intentionally or unintentionally.

It is unethical to get achievement using other’s contents. It is very easy to use anyone else’s work and displaying it as yours but it is not only spoiling reputation but career life if caught.

If technology has made it easy to copy paste the required content as per requirement. Then it has also made it easy to detect the source of the content from where it is copied. Using plagiarism checking tools you can easily check the contents for originality.

Plagiarism doesn’t only effect the reputation and career life of the plagiarist but also the original writer too. The value of the contents goes down if the duplicate contents are displayed before original contents. In this way it is hard to prove yourself as an original writer of content.

Using checkforplag you can easily check the contents for originality and even easily check the contents already posted anywhere or not. The tool shows the original source of the content from where it was copied. It is good practice to check the contents for originality before making it public.