July 18, 2020

It is one thing to write a creative assignment, but it is another thing to ensure that it is safe from duplicity. A search engine only picks the content which is unique and free from plagiarism. With the help of sophisticated Artificial Intelligence, it has been an unchallenging task to check, locate, and compare any plagiarized content and avoid copyrights’ issue. CheckForPlag is an anti-plagiarism software India – a platform which accurately detects copyright document from lines to paraphrases with just one click. Thereafter, the results would be displayed within a minute with the percentage.

Showing dishonesty in college

Assignments need to get checked before you submit them. If you have edit access to it, copy it and click on Check for plagiarism link at the bottom of our webpage. Enter your information into the redirected page to roll for a trial period. Once you log-in and enter your credentials, it becomes a facile task to check the document multiple times without any limits. This software also offers Hindi Plagiarism checker function which works like a beneficiary tool for Indians.

how to check work for plagiarism?
  1. Browse to the assignment page for checking the write-up.
  2. Select and upload the document.
  3. Click on “Check for plagiarism”.
  4. Wait until the results appear on the screen. Do not refresh the page.
  5. To see the full report, select View plagiarism report.
Understanding the plagiarism percentage

The calculated report of 0% depicts that the content doesn’t have a copyright issue whereas, a higher percentage/score of more than 0 outlines that the work is plagiarized and referred incorrectly. Need not panic in this situation as the solution can be concluded at this time.

Changing the plagiarized scores

If the report lies under 0, the assignment may receive a low grade or your content on the website will be lost somewhere on the search engine. Locate the duplicated lines highlighted in the feedback report. In case the program allows, re-write it with the help of referring links provided and run for submission.

Troubleshooting the plagiarism tools, if not working

Once you check the work with the software, the indexing process takes a few minutes. In case the score doesn’t get updated after five to ten minutes after you click on go, select try again.

Hope your problem gets resolved now. Plagiarism Checker software provides you the safest platform to paste your document without any hassle as client secrecy is our utmost priority. The calculated report often provides a perfect match i.e. the realistic results so that the uniqueness of the document is maintained. In case you are not able to get the plagiarism to 0, you can anytime take the help of our technicians. Go to contact us page and click on packages for purchasing the Plagiarism checker India premium package. We hire highly-qualified professionals to get a second set of eyes looking that the assignment does not undergo any spelling mistakes, grammar, or duplicity.