October 27, 2020

Plagiarism is a practice of copying someone else’s work or ideas and presenting them as your own. Many people are already aware of this unethical activity, but they do this deliberately. However, some people are utterly unaware of the fact that coping ideas and not mentioning credit is also a type of plagiarism. They don’t know how to use the citation in their work and mention credit to the original creator. The use of a Plagiarism checker for Hindi and other tools are helpful for a person to maintain the quality of work. It is not about only the Hindi language, but any language can be checked for plagiarism.

Google is smart these days; it can check the duplicate work submitted in a different language. You can't translate an English language work, converting it to Hindi and paste it to your website. However, you can do this on your domain, but one or another day Google will identify it and will put your website in its Trash. It may also penalize your website for using duplicate work, and the original creator can sue you in court for the same act.

You must use proper citation in your work before submitting it. If you ask why? Then the reason is that the original person makes lots of effort, dot lots of research, writes, and then edits the same idea before submitting it online or to the teacher. So, it would be unfair to copy his/her work and then passing the same as your own and, that’s why citation is important while using someone else’s work in your work.

One can use a plagiarism checker in Hindi to inspect the document for any type of plagiarism and then make the necessary changes to get good marks and to maintain the originality of the work. It doesn’t take much time to check the plagiarism and make changes. One must not use someone else’s work, and if does, then don’t forget to give credit to the person. When you don’t cite properly, it means the work is done by you and the news submitted is entirely done from your end. But, it is wrong, and it is plagiarism.

This way, you will learn nothing and your creativity will come to an end. Citations is not important in writing work only, but also if you are using pictures clicked by someone else and the thoughts shared by someone else. Use plagiarism checker for Hindi text i.e. CheckForPlag and make your work original and plagiarism free.