February 08, 2018

To Know about how plagiarism is harmful for others is very important because it doesn’t only affect one’s own learning and writing career but it also leaves harmful affect for others who put their 100% effort to get good result.

Plagiarism is very common in every where even in schools also so its very important to know how its harmful for others.

It’s unfair when someone put a lot of effort in doing work and others do it by copy paste and get equal grades and equal result.

So teacher must care about original and plagrized contents so that hardworking students get more importance than whom do copy paste.

Students take it in the easy way out to finish the work and unfortunately it becomes their routine habit as it is not disregarded by the teachers too. So students remains encourage and keep following the process.

This not only affect their professional and personal lives but also harm others.

A professional writer who is habitual of plagiarizing follow the same process even when he is asked to do work on project at work place and spoil his career as he get caught by higher authorities.

Plagiarizing and cheating stops and slow down your thinking process and it becomes tough to survive in competitive world.

So it’s good to accept challenges and take pride in doing things by themselves.

Because the plagiarism is a very serious habit that can only destroy the career.