February 01, 2018

Its very common, freelance writers usually use copy and paste content for writing .Working with Freelance writer is good as they provide quality service but usually they makes a lot of mistakes while writing the passage. So proper Evaluation is required for their work.

Its tough to Avoid plagiarism in articles written by freelance writers. but with some efforts it can be done.

By following few simple steps to you can easily avoid the plagiarism.

It is good for establishing the long term business relationships with any of freelance writing service provider.

  1. Evaluation of Work done:- Before hiring the freelance writer firstly its need to evaluate the work previously done by them. It’s the best way to check their work proficiency. It’s easy to find out are they useful for your work and productivity or not. In this way you can also check the professional manners in them.
  2. Get The Samples:- Ask the freelance writer to submit the samples.The samples will show their work credibility and its very easy to check is the work as per standard and expectations.
  3. Zero Tolerance:- By publishing the copy paste content on your website can you can ruin your business easily and clearly . To avoid any freelance writer to do the same and safeguard your business.
  4. Check your content on different search engines. It will helpful for you to find out the Content's originality or duplicasy.
  5. The best solution is to check the content is to use CFP and check the originality of content to avoid the scam.