January 02, 2018

Progress moves on the grounds of success and dedication when demands and ideas meet together. When these factors comes up then there is rise in terms of progress and development

Plagiarism for Progress

Plagiarism is the expression for exploring new things which will lead towards the factors of progress. The plagiarism has been taken in a positive context and is known for putting the ladder towards the outsourcing of progress and development. Every person in this world who has brilliant ideas cannot convert the ideas into words.

It is always required to put ideas into words, texture and scripture. This can’t be taken as plagiarism because it is pushing the demanding nature of technology and the big society. Taking creative ideas and implementing into world’s biggest technology is not considered as plagiarism.

Plagiarism, a Trust Worthy Friend to Innovation

Plagiarism is known as friend of creation and innovation by taking plagiarism as a way towards progress because every innovative texture which has been created eventually come up from something which has already been found. It is constructed by implementing those predefined ideas and thoughts for creating platform of progress, success and milestones.