July 08, 2018

Plagiarism problem is developing it’s root in every area. Now, People instead of doing hard-work believe in copy pasting other’s contents and showing it as own. This is called plagiarism. From students to writer all are suffering from this problem and they are enjoying doing this unethical act without taking care about the effect of plagiarism on their life. Even after knowing the consequences of plagiarism, people take it too light and keep doing the unethical conduct. The craving of plagiarism is increasing among students than professionals. For completing the assignments, projects they usually do this unethical conduct openly. But the outcomes of plagiarism are too severe to avoid.

There are so many consequences of plagiarism in academic career.

Plagiarism leads to low grade. The originality can’t be hidden. So it’s tough to hide copy pasted content’s source. The students who do this type of unethical practice always get low grades and sometime it can leads to failure in academics.Not only this as this is unethical to copy paste anyone else’s content and showing it as your own without citing the source of content. So in every country there is penalty for doing these types of unethical conducts. Some college/ institute charge heavy penalty or suspension for doing these types of conducts.

So it’s good to prevent these types of unethical conducts to save your academic career as well as further professional career. Because it’s good to destroy the problem instead of letting the problem destroy you.

With checkforplag, you can check the originality of the contents before submitting your contents. Even before making any content public, It’s good practice to check it for originality. So that you are treated as hard worker not as plagiarist.