< Say No To Plagiarism

March 6, 2018

Plagiarism means copying someone else’s ideas and showing and selling the contents as your own. It’s proved that Plagiarism is bad practice. It not only destroys the writer’s originality but also his credibility and career. These days copying the contents and showing it as own is common. Some people take it as good but some people take it as bad thing. It is becoming worse day by day. These day people openly copy paste the idea of other peoples and show it as their own. It’s very pathetic practice to copy the material of others and show it as yours. By using these pathetic practice people are getting a lot of benefits. These days not only writers but also students are also adopting these ways to get benefits at academic level.

Students are destroying their career by doing this crime. By copying the contents writers, students destroy their reputations in a second. The best way to avoid plagiarism is by using creative words to produce the original contents. So it’s good to accept that plagiarism is bad and we must avoid it. By Gathering new ideas write the contents. Even in academic career before writing anything do proper research and jot down the points then use creative mind to write the contents so that originality can be maintained.

Teachers must guide the students by creating awareness of the limitation of plagiarism. So we all must say No to Plagiarism to Maintain credibility and reputation.