January 05, 2022

What is Plagiarism Problem in Education and How Modern Software Can Solve it
The education system has undergone many changes. It is, therefore, evident that Plagiarism has also evolved in several forms. It exists in many forms and destroys the uniqueness of the content.

Cheating through contract. The students hire a third party to complete their assignments which are malpractice.

Manipulation of Text. Changing letters, alphabets, characters and putting invisible white texts in spaces and also images of texts can cheat the plagiarism detection tools

Plagiarism is involved with source code. It is Plagiarism of programming. You cannot copy another person's source code without permission.

Self-plagiarized content. You cannot submit previously published content. It amounts to Plagiarism.

Collaborations. Specific collaborations wherein many students complete an assignment that is only for a single student is a kind of Plagiarism too.

Why does Plagiarism happen?
Several factors inspire a student to copy or plagiarise. A student may lack knowledge about Plagiarism or sometimes lack respect for the education system.

Some common reasons include:

  • A desire to pass with good grades.
  • To avoid failure
  • Bad management of time
  • Lack of dedication and love for the subject, task
  • Confidence about their ability to deceive
  • No clear understanding of plagiarism and University policies.
  • Major effects of Plagiarism

    Under-developed skill. Mastership is not possible if the student decides to use Plagiarism and get good grades. They will lack some essential skills like source citation and more.

    Hampers University. When students involve in Plagiarism, the whole integrity of the university is under question.

    Reduces quality of work. With more and more Plagiarism practices, the quality of the content gets destroyed. Without uniqueness and quality, the content is not even acceptable for evaluation.

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    Here we have explored what Plagiarism in education exist and in how many forms! We have also mentioned some of the tools to remove and detect Plagiarism. At present, there are many types of Plagiarism challenges. Cheating through contract, manipulation of Text more.