October 30, 2017

The problem of copying contents without giving credits has become major concern these days.

This problem is majorly present in social media sector. This is increasing every day. So it’s very important to understand the role social media plays in endorsing plagiarism.

This problem occurs usually when people copy the contents of others and use it in their own work.

This problem is alsocommon on Facebook and Twitter where people copy and paste the contents of others without crediting.

There are many ways the social media is inspiring plagiarism.

The most common problem is that everyone wants to be popular on social media. For this the copying and sharing of the similar ideas and thoughts became popular.

This is possible on the social media and networking websites where the communication is at faster speed and when any content is stolen from the social media links, there is no accountability.

The easiest way to penalize the websites containing plagiarized content is that these websites should be ranked low in ranking of search engines. Not only social media is facing consequences of plagiarism. It is also affecting other sectors also.

To stop all this there should be high featured app or software to stop all these. The CFP (CheckForPlag) is best platform to solve these problems and encourage original ideas.