May 09, 2020

    Image plagiarism is when you use someone else’s image and use it in your work without showing any source. This is simply an image theft when someone copies your pictures or images from the internet like from Social media accounts or your website and then use it in their work without asking your permission or citing those pictures. In this case, the other person uses copyright images and shows as if the photos were him. This is not only an image threat but a threat to someone’s privacy and his work. Giving no credit or citation and using the original pictures, not only make these persons’ criminals but also pose a great threat to the liberal ideas of downloading and sharing the pictures online. Here, you will get to know about reverse image search and how to track image plagiarism and also some helpful tips that can protect your phots from getting plagiarized.

    Reverse Image Search

    Reverse Image Lookup is a kind of technology that helps in searching similar images on the internet. For a reverse image search, you have to upload a picture on the search engine like Google and it takes a few seconds to show similar pictures that have the same color and pixels on the internet. It is a way to find out image similarities via image Plagiarism checker. It has many benefits, let’s put a glance on it.

    Benefits Of Using Reverse Image Search

    Before getting into the tools and methods for performing reverse image search, let’s know some of its important uses:

    1. It helps you find out where your pictures are getting misused or where your copyrighted images are getting used on the internet
    2. It also helps you in knowing the source of the picture – in case you want to find out
    3. It also helps in finding out the high-resolution images on the internet that can be used for your projects
    Methods To Track Image Plagiarism

    Google Image Search: It is a very simple technique to check reverse image through google image search You just have to head on to Google images, click on the camera icon and upload a picture for which you want to check out the plagiarism.

    Check for Plagiarism: is the latest tool and best plagiarism checker to check the duplicacy in different languages. It also detects the image plagiarism and provides you with a genuine report through which you can protect your pictures from getting plagiarized.

    Tineye: Tineye is a reverse image search engine that gives you a report like Google Image Search for the picture plagiarism. You can check out image plagiarism through this site. It regularly updates the date on its site so that users are provided with genuine reports.

    Tips To Prevent Your Pictures From Getting It Plagiarized
    1. Don’t forget to use a watermark on your original pictures before sharing it on the internet.
    2. Mention all the licensing details that clearly describes the acceptable rules for using your pictures.
    3. Put privacy on your pictures by disabling right-click on it.

    Hopefully, you find this information important and useful. Use image copyright checker such as CheckforPlag that helps you to stay protected from image plagiarism.