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Personalized Report
Personalized Report

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Save Time

Our in-house technology using customised set of algorithms that checks plagiarism within no time and generating accurate report.

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Prevents Plagiarism

CheckForplag provides a means of strengthening the implementation of the University's policy on academic integrity.

Effect of Plagiarism on Students

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Creativity is the ability to develop or generate something original and unique. Plagiarism prevents effective learning of students. And degrades student’s creativity. Plagiarism involves taking the work of some and reusing it in a manner that is not right or without according the author the rightful credit. Instructors have been using various technologies to help in controlling cheating and plagiarism; nonetheless, plagiarism has continued being main problem at various academic levels hence affecting the society where those graduating go.

Plagiarism affects college students in a number of tangible and intangible ways. Lack of awareness without proper citation requirements and a simple desire to cut corners on school work are common motives of plagiarism. If students considered the impact and consequences of this form of cheating, they likely wouldn't copy another writer's work and use it as their own. Plagiarism limits the thought, research and critical thinking involved in developing an original paper or report. This negatively impacts the overall educational experience and growth of a college student.

If you're a parent or an educator, please don't turn a blind eye to potential plagiarism. And let your students/children know that honesty in writing is important to both the character of the individual and to the character of the society.

Plagiarism for Researcher/Students


Regularity bodies governing academic institutes are quite serious about the quality of research happening at education institutes. They are issuing guidelines and circulars putting emphasis on use of credible anti plagiarism software to check similarity and originality of research work happening. As a researcher good academic practice is what is expected today. Other than academic integrity, good research conduct and loyal collegiate conduct.


With the easy accessibility to information resources over world wide web the problem of plagiarism is souring like anything. Students need to be educated and make aware for plagiarism. They may be victim to intentional or unintentional plagiarism. Making them aware at an early stage would surely help them in progressing towards a bright career. CheckForPlag for students is a certain assurance for getting a great result. CFP has been developed keeping student expectations in mind in terms of interface, usability and resources covered.

Plagiarism for Teachers / Blog / Webpage Checking


With easy and affordable access to internet the cases for plagiarism are increasing many fold and the way regulatory bodies are putting the accountability of plagiarism by students on faculties and teachers, there is a dire need for a credible anti plagiarism software. CFP is the answer which helps in identifying the similarity of the content uploaded from the world wide web and the strong data base of student papers maintained by CFP. We understand the time paucity and respect the work pressure faced by teachers / faculties, therefore made all the provisions to save on time and reduction in work load. This includes but not limited to facility of upload by the student, SMS alert for the report generation (first in class), bulk upload feature. Admin feature to keep a track of functioning of software across all departments/ schools without asking any one.

Blog / Webpage Checking

As a blogger, web content writer, you are always expected to put / publish original content on to portals. It is matter of reputation which can not be put on stake. It is always suggestable to check your work before getting it published so that necessary changes / amendments can be executed in case of high similarity found from already published contant of internet. CFP is a dynamic tool which serves to find the authenticity of any content from internet to confirm the uniqueness and originality before publishing.