March 22, 2018

These days with the development of technology the life has become easier. But technology brings both pros and cons along with it, as it makes the activities for criminals easy. Piracy can be easily done using technology. It’s very easy to download material but it is unethical to use someone else’s material and show it as your own. But if technology is giving path to criminals and people for conducting unethical work. Then technology enable the users to verify the activities to catch the copied content. These days people instead of writing the material believe in copy pasting the material but with the plagiarism checking software it’s possible to verify the originality of content means the content is copied or original and also it’s easy to check from where it has been copied.

According to the research, the plagiarism is not limited only to education dept but also it is wide spreading among the writers, web developers, web designers, content writers etc. Today everyone is in the race of saving time and energy by copy pasting the content of others. But they even didn’t realize that by doing this they are not only spoiling their image but also career

Technology is good for getting information ,learn new things but misuse of technology is bad thing. If the students are just copy paste the content and submit their assignment, In this way they are stopping their brain to generate innovative ideas. The plagiarism problem can be prevented by creating awareness among the students at early stage and also by teaching them about the importance of giving reference for the information that they are using in their assignments.

The technology advancement also leading to inappropriate information when people use the information from internet and show it as their own without mentioning the source and get credit. But directly indirectly technology is making the students paralyze as they don’t use their brain to get innovative ideas and in order to get appreciation they try to copy best of best information. Technology made it easy for all to copy and paste data but it made the life of guide to be sure about the originality of content. But with our best software it’s very easy for teachers to check the assignments and research paper before giving credit to students for their efforts