December 13, 2017

With the increase of technology there are now many different ways to find out the duplicate text, multimedia ,media etc.that comes under the category of plagiarism. Usually these contents are copy pasted by people. The websites owners are concerned about finding out the content that are copy pasted from their website.

Many websites and copywriting companies do not consider it a problem of primary concern. Its true that if the source of content and copied content is found to be matching and the source is not a public domain then the allegations are charged differently.

Other than detection of plagiarism, The most necessary and important are to prevent plagiarism from occurrence. If you are copying the text then it’s better to change the original style and word tone of the content. It is also required to change the grammar of the text. It willbe helpful in changing the originality of the original text taken from internet.

The plagiarism is often detected in plagiarized material that is often seen to be containing the technical terms in the unexplained form. It’s very easy to detect the plagiarism. It’s also very important to change the citations of the technical terms. With this its unable to match the original document and newly formed document. The plagiarism is also found in the areas where an informal tone is adoptee. the original material which is copied is written for explaining some different tone and used in another context thenalso be a mismatch indicating the copying of material.

Therefore it is highly desirable to change the style of the sources if these are multiple and lacking sense according to the title or topic to which these are added.