Working of Check for Plag

Working Check-For-Plag

Check-For-Plag never concludes What is a Plagiarism. In fact, we use robust technology and unique algorithm to find similarity from the resources available over the internet and the published works. The reports we provide to the students/researchers consist of finding similarities, of text comparison. In the process of finding Similarity, the parts of the submitted document are compared to the external sources on the Internet and in published material, and thus, Check-For-Plag gives the similarity report.

Check-For-Plag compares textual as well as subject similarity. It is thus possible that there will be similarity in your submission even if you have rephrased a text using synonyms.

The report depicts the percentage indications for each similarity of the submitted document. But the examiner or researcher himself can conclude whether or not a justified suspicion of Plagiarism is present or not.

It is, therefore, of the utmost importance that the user, makes himself/herself aware of what is adding to Plagiarism, acquaint themselves with reference and quotation procedure. It should, however, be pointed out that there are several opinions about how the concept is to be defined and the user should check with their teachers/mentor to see whether they accept the definition presented in this material.

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